Frank Andrews Works

Frank Andrews

Frank Andrews has been accumulating a growing following as a sculptor for over two decades. Sculpting became a second career following his sojourn as a college teacher.  His sculpture currently focuses on two primary themes. The first theme is an adaptation of  the forms of prehistoric rock art. It is derived from petroglyph and cave paintings found in the American Southwest and in Hawaii. These welded copper wall hanging and water fountains express the elegance and mystery of stone-age artistic expression while maintaining anthropological accuracy.

The second theme is a sculptural interpretation of dancing figures, capturing the essence of movement in static creations.  He works in bronze and in cement creating slender, lyrical human figures ranging in size from two feet tall to life size.  

During the 1970’s Frank Andrews’ sculpture was featured in galleries and art exhibitions across the United States. The travel time that this lifestyle imposed  needed to be curtailed in order to devote time to create new  designs.  He opened the  Sculpture Gallery in Kansas City.  
A second gallery in Tulsa followed two years later.  In 1989, after selling the galleries, he moved on to Santa Fe, New  Mexico and built a studio.  Today he lives and works in Santa Fe and divides his time between that city and the Hawaiian Islands.  His work is exhibited by twenty-three galleries on the United States mainland and in Hawaii.

B.S. University of Tulsa, 1969
B.A. University of Tulsa, 1971
M.A. University of Texas at Austin, 1972
Ph.D. University of Texas,  3 years toward PhD. Needs to complete dissertation for degree.
( 3 years toward Ph.D.)
Additional Study
King’s College, University of London, winter terms, 1970, 1971
Kansas City Art Institute, 1979
Internship at Paolo Soleri’s Arcosanti Project north of Phoenix, Arizona, 1984.