Midge Aragon Works

Midge Aragon

Chinese Calligraphy

The calmness & serene beauty of Asian Art has been a part of my life since childhood.  My parents were inspired by this art form & our home was filled with its beauty.  I continue to be inspired by the simplicity & contemplativeness of writing Chinese calligraphy.

Ten years ago I studied under a master Chinese Calligrapher.  I have been writing Chinese calligraphy ever since.  I enjoy painting symbols that have positive & inspiring meanings.  My hope is that others will enjoy the abstract beauty of the lines & be inspired by the messages.

Each tile is individually painted & handcrafted.

I have exhibited my work in several galleries & art shows in New Mexico, Arizona & Maine, including Weems Artfest in Albuquerque.

The spirituality and symbolism of sacred art drew me to icons.  Icons are written to lead us into our inner room of prayer and contemplation.  With form, color, and light an icon strives to represent the reality of the world beyond the visible world, a “Window into Eternity”.
Icons are painted in the traditional manner of using a dark base and progressively building translucent lighter colors.  Concentrating light to specific areas helps achieves the “inner light”  that indicates sanctity.  Gold leaf is applied to halos.
I have been privileged to study and apprentice under several master iconographers.  It has been my honor to paint icons for churches and private collectors in the United States and Europe.