Steve Cowder Works

Steve Cowder

I an a 1983 graduate from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh where I majored in commercial art and design.  Since then, I had discovered the use of colored pencils as my prefered medium.  My facination for nature and wildlife would eventually become the main subject matter for all of my drawings.  

In more recent years, I’ve participated in several art and crafts shows in Albuquerque, including both the  New Mexico Arts and Craft Exhibit on the Fairgrounds and the La Cueva Highschool Craft Show.  I’ve also entered my artwork in the New Mexico State Fair (2009 - 2015) where I had sucess in selling my drawings as well as winning several awards during that time.  I won a first place award along with most popular artist vote in the 2014, Fine Arts Exhibit.

I’m currently a resident of Albuquerque and have lived here since June of 1990.