Christine Garner Works

Christine Garner

Christine, has been an artist all her life & was formally trained at the Denver Art Institute. Christine distinguished herself as a figurative painter & an expert in wood burning arts long before she emerged as an abstract painter. Chris’s first interest in metalwork began when she & JP began making jewelry & copper work together in the late 80’s & early 90’s. Their work grew increasingly larger & moved from precious metals to steel. The combining of their skills led them to their newest art form. Now, the couple uses steel to express their creativity. 

Artists statement

She create mixed -media paintings on steel sheet. The steel sheet is formed & primed with enamels & moulding compounds. This creates a primer base & textured surface which acts as a tooth for secondary & final layers of acrylic paints & metallic rubs. Our creative process begins with pencil sketches, but often is inspired by music, nature, reading or personal experiences. Sketching is often a meditation as well as an avenue of discovery for seeing things anew. We enjoy working with a variety of materials, from steel to stone, glass, antler & ceramic.We employ appliques with a variety of treated Dutch leaf for a rich metallic enhancement.