Carolyn Lankford Works

Carolyn Lankford
Carolyn paints to capture the soul of a place, to communicate its spirit & her joy in it, to strike a responsive chord so the viewer feels he, too, knows this place. Although Southwestern landscapes are her first love, all the works of this New Mexico painter reveal love of color & texture. Her work is described as painterly & sensitive, yet realistic.
During her childhood in rural East Texas, Carolyn displayed a flair for art but was unable to settle on an artistic direction.  She enjoyed learning languages and writing.  At the University of New Mexico she studied Russian history and anthropology.  Graduating in 1974, summa cum laude, she thought her creative drive would be channeled into research and writing.  Instead, she realized an intense desire to communicate through painting. 
In 1990 Carolyn’s family watched in amazement as Carolyn embarked on a career as a professional artist.  For twenty years she had been a traditional homemaker, wife of an Air Force officer and mother.  It had never occurred to them to think of her passion as more than a hobby.  When the paintings stacked up, she had to just burned them.  It was exhilarating and gratifying that her oils were immediately accepted by the public.
Carolyn now lives by the Rio Grande in southern New Mexico where she spends long hours at her easel with husband & cat as companions.