Michele VandenHuevel Works

Michele VandenHuevel

Thank you for your interest in my work. My name is Michele vandenHeuvel, and I am a bronze sculptor from Albuquerque, NM. I live in the North Valley with my husband and our happy standard poodle, Ignacio.  We have two children, both boys, who are grown and married.   We have also recently become first time grandparents to our most beautiful  granddaughter, Scarlett Emilia.  

A good portion of my work has been in the field of public art, and can be seen in various cities across the country.   I also love commission work, and working with individuals, groups and communities to design a specific sculptural idea. In addition, all the pieces you see here can be enlarged.

My love of clay has been with me my entire life.  Even as a small child, I always carried a piece of clay in my hand.  Over the years the little lumps of clay became ducks, bears, figures of the saints... my imagination, combined with love and encouragement from my family kept my fingers working as my love of sculpture slowly grew. 

My studio is one of my favorite places on earth; it’s not fancy, but a place that speaks to me of comfort... when I walk inside, it smells of warm clay, incense, and wax... I have treasured every second and am blessed beyond measure to be working in such a special place. 

My sculptural work centers around two different themes; my liturgical (spiritual) work, and my non-liturgical (whimsical) work.  My goal is to sculpt pieces that are joyful, touchable, interactive, and explorable, for both children and adults alike.  Travel with me as we explore the wonderful inter-connectedness of both the spiritual and the child-like.

The clay is warming and the sculpture beckons...