Elizabeth Potter Works

Elizabeth Potter
Elizabeth Potter has always looked for ways to express her creativity by producing art in various forms. Since moving to Placitas, she continues to express her creative energy by exploring new artistic opportunities. In early 2020 she switched her focus from jewelry to paper quilling; “the art of rolling, pinching, and twisting long thin strips of paper into different shapes and gluing the shapes together.”  Although traditionally used to depict recognizable objects and scenes, Elizabeth has branched out to create abstract compositions by painting her own abstract watercolor backgrounds. She uses the background to guide her quilling. 
Elizabeth says, “When I moved to Placitas in late 2018 and realized the dream of having my own studio, I no longer had to curb my creativity. Dabbling in various mediums, I’m currently dedicated fulltime to quilling. Not one to follow traditional methods or rules, I define my modern quilling style as “traditionally twisted.” Switching back and forth from traditional, easily recognizable forms to free-flowing abstracts keeps the work fresh. I hope you enjoy my work as much as I enjoy creating.”